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How Personality Shapes Team & Individual Performance

As a leader, it’s valuable to understand how individual personalities drive performance and contribute to a solid team culture. MBTI personality assessments are a good tool to help people get in touch with who they are as contributors, team members, and emerging leaders. This understanding accelerates growth, and allows your people to thrive in their roles and careers.

5 Ways to Build a Strong Team Using Personality Assessments
  1. Stronger Communication: Facilitate better team communication by building understanding of how individual personalities prefer to share and receive information.
  2. Better Conflict Management: When issues arise, having a deeper awareness of individual communication styles will improve discussion and resolution.
  3. Targeted Leadership Development: Any person can develop into a leader, but different personality styles will have different paths to development. By understanding the types on your team, it is easier to target leadership training to be most effective for the individual person.
  4. Identifying Strengths in Skills: Each personality type will have strength areas where they thrive and contribute best – and some where they won’t. Knowing those strengths will help you and your people identify the best ways to deploy the team most effectively.
  5. Effective Employee Motivation: When it comes to motivating people to succeed, each type will be unique and will respond differently. Knowing what motivates the people on your team is all about understanding how their personality prefers to communicate and perform in the office.

Success Labs’ consultants offer MBTI Workshops to help your people grow in their understanding of personality, communication, and team relationships. Contact us today to grow leaders, build teams, and drive results by better understanding the people at the core of your organization.

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