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People Strategy with Devin: Cultivating Strategic Thinking

Strategic Plans are a key tool for advancing your teams’ effectiveness, and building competitive advantage for your organization. However, a strong strategy doesn’t just emerge from thin air. It needs to be cultivated with intention and buy-in from all stakeholders. Read on for tips from Devin on how to cultivate strategic thinking in a VUCA (Volatile/Uncertain/Complex/Ambiguous) business environment.

Devin Lemoine, Owner & President of Success Labs

Our consultants are sharing People Strategy tips that are designed to help you Grow Leaders, Build Teams, and Drive Results at your organization. Today Devin Lemoine is diving into the competency of Strategic Thinking.


Schedule time to work on future direction with your team. Use a SWOT Analysis to assess strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for the team or organization. Identify themes and build a strategic plan with goals, action steps, and target dates.


Further define your teams’ strategic agenda by completing a Scenario Planning Matrix. In order to be effective, your strategic agenda has to be agile and informed by a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business environment. Scenario Planning allows you to focus on operational, financial and strategic readiness in a variety of scenarios, like weather events or potential market shifts. Use your findings to make a stronger Strategic Plan that won’t be swamped by extraordinary events.  


Post a list of strategic goals in the office/unit, and refer to them during discussions and meetings when appropriate and relevant. Continually ensure that team goals and efforts are aligned with the broader strategic initiatives of the organization.

Do you have questions for Devin about creating a 2023 Strategic Plan that’s tailored to your team and organization? Contact Devin Lemoine today to talk in-depth about your Strategic Planning.

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