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People Strategy with Devin: How to Build an Organizational Culture of Development & Growth

Organizations aren’t static entities. They need to grow and change, and that can only happen when the people at the center of the work have opportunities to grow and achieve their goals. That’s why good leaders are intentional about helping their people develop — because they know that developing people puts the whole organization on the path to success. Read on for tips from Devin on practical, effective ways to help your people develop and achieve success within your organization.

Devin Lemoine, Owner & President of Success Labs

Our consultants are sharing People Strategy tips that are designed to help you Grow Leaders, Build Teams, and Drive Results at your organization. Today Devin Lemoine is diving into the competency of Developing Others.


Make a point to schedule and hold regular conversations with your reports about their interests, professional goals, and potential career paths in the organization. Follow these discussions up with ongoing support by connecting your people with the key opportunities, contacts, and resources to be successful.


Work with your people to create individual development plans that support their personal career goals and align with the needs of the business. Target the specific action steps that will help them hone into the skills that add value in their current and future roles.


Help your people put their goals into action by creating consistent space for development — through trainings, team building, professional knowledge transfer, conference attendance, etc. Remember, these investments result in an important return for your business. Supporting individual and team growth leads straight to organizational growth!

Do you have questions for Devin on how to effectively develop your people? Contact Devin Lemoine today to talk in-depth about making development plans and investing in your teams in a way that leads to organizational success.

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