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People Strategy with Gloria: 5 Easy Steps for Breaking Down Tough Decisions

Leaders have to be confident decision makers, but making the right decision in today’s volatile, quickly-changing landscape can be overwhelming. Gloria is sharing a 5-step process that breaks down difficult decisions, leading you to a strong plan of action.

Gloria McConnell, Consultant & Coach at Success Labs

Our consultants are sharing People Strategy tips designed to help you Grow Leaders, Build Teams, and Drive Results at your organization. Today Gloria McConnell is sharing how to Make Decisions as a confident, effective leader

1. Identify the Problem

Clearly stating the problem that needs to be solved helps to limit your decision field and potential courses of action.

2. Establish and Weigh Decision Criteria

Your decision criteria includes everything that’s important to the end result – and rejects everything that’s NOT important. 

3. Generate and Evaluate Options

Bring your team together to get their perspective on the problem, and brainstorm potential solutions. This will further clarify the feasible courses of action.  

4. Choose Plan A and Plan B

Weighing the criteria and the options with your team is likely to yield your most direct plan of attack for the problem… and potential backup plans.

5. Implement and Evaluate the Decision

Note what went right, and what can be improved for next time. Next time you are faced with a tough decision you will have a replicable system in place for making the best decision, quickly. 

Our consultants are available to help with those tough decisions and ambitious people strategy goals. Contact Gloria today to discuss your people and leadership needs!

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