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People Strategy with Melissa: Giving Great Feedback

Melissa Thompson, Consultant & Coach at Success Labs.

Great feedback is much more than correcting or criticizing. It’s an important tool for helping your people grow, develop, and add value to the organization. Read on for a few tips from Melissa on how to provide positive, constructive feedback that helps your team members achieve their full potential.

Our consultants are sharing People Strategy tips that are designed to help you Grow Leaders, Build Teams, and Drive Results at your organization. Today Melissa Thompson is diving into the competency of Giving Feedback.

The Feedback Model

Positive, actionable feedback is observational, specific, and constructive. Follow the model below when providing feedback on observed behaviors that impact quality of work and team performance.

  1. Identify the Situation: What is the context/precipitating event for the feedback?
  2. Name the Behavior: What behavior did you observe that calls for constructive feedback?
  3. Discuss the Impact: How did the observed behavior impact the situation being discussed?
  4. What is the Action: End the feedback meeting by agreeing on positive action items to help the team member move forward.

Next time you are holding a feedback session with an employee, put this model in place. It takes uncertainty out of the meeting, and ensures that you both have a solid plan for moving forward.

Do you have more questions for Melissa about how to give great feedback? Contact Melissa Thompson today to talk in-depth about your Giving Feedback People Strategy!

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