Executive Coaching

Develop leaders. Impact effectiveness.

When developing leaders, one size most definitely does not fit all. Coaching is an effective process designed to leverage leaders’ strengths, identify challenge areas and opportunities, increase effectiveness and help them reach their full potential.

Through one-on-one conversations, 360 Feedback, and development planning, our coaching process is structured and action-oriented.

We view coaching as a partnership and rely on the commitment from the learner and support of the learner’s manager and organization in order to maximize the benefits that come from coaching. Our approach focuses on the leadership competencies required to effectively influence at a strategic level as well as lead and grow high-functioning teams.

Our coaching process typically consists of four major steps:

  1. identify the need, opportunities and goals,
  2. conduct a series of assessments including a 360 Feedback assessment as well as a personality and leadership style evaluation;
  3. review results and reports to gain a better understanding of natural tendencies, styles and preferences and perceptions from others;
  4. work together to build a development plan that targets competencies that will enhance the learner’s performance and effectiveness and continue to add value to the organization;
  5. facilitate a development discussion to ensure support from boss and alignment around personal goals and organizational objectives.

Over more than 25 years, the Success Labs team of consultants has perfected its coaching techniques to effectively identify leaders’ core skills and competencies, set goals for improvement and help leaders to achieve those goals.

Our executive coaching:

  • prepares leaders for new roles
  • identifies leaders’ strengths and ways to leverage them
  • addresses challenge areas and potential obstacles
  • accelerates the leader’s growth and development
  • offers insight, perspective, resources and a focused plan for current and future contributions
  • provides unbiased, 3rd party support to achieve results

We must have perseverance above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained.

– Marie Curie, the first scientist to be awarded a Nobel Prize in two different categories