inQ Development Planning Software

Who’s in your queue?

HR has evolved where talent management is no longer an HR issue, it’s a business strategy. And for your company to remain competitive in a dynamic market and flourish in our evolving business world, your organization must be prepared and proactive to avoid the risk of losing key talent, knowledge and skills.

Managing employee development and succession can be overwhelming and a complex undertaking. inQ helps you streamline your processes by offering you a one-stop shop for assessing talent, tracking high-potentials and building robust, actionable and accessible development plans.

inQ is a proprietary application, developed in-house to help small to mid-size businesses handle performance and talent management systems without costing a fortune.

We pride ourselves in being a high-touch agency, and inQ mirrors that philosophy. Using competency-based research, inQ helps your company strategically capture, manage and plan succession and development. In conjunction with inQ, our consultants can assist in best practice and focus on developmental events for high-potentials, on-the-job learning, work-arounds, training and coaching.

With a user-friendly interface, administrators can easily add employees, setup assessments, review reports and track candidates for succession.

  • inQ offers you and your team flexibility to:
  • participate in 360 feedback assessments
  • build Individual Development Plans based off of feedback including identified strengths, weaknesses and gaps
  • track and monitor development progress
  • identify candidates for succession

We believe obstacles shouldn’t stop professionals from progressing in their careers, and we know feedback is critical to the growth and development of leaders. inQ offers learners and companies a simplistic, affordable and accessible way to facilitate the 360 feedback process and build meaningful development plans.

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